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Our Vision:
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a condition caused by toxic exposure. It can be an exposure to various toxins like pesticides, chemicals and mold. The exposure maybe a large exposure or it may be a low-level exposure over a prolonged period of time. There is no cure. As a result the body losses its ability to eliminate toxins which are then stored in your fat and in your organs. Toxins may be absorbed threw the largest organ your body has, your skin or it may be inhaled or absorbed threw your eyes. Once exposed you become sensitized to low-level toxins and chemicals in amounts much lower than the normal person would, they react to an amount of .0001%. No one person is immune. People suffering from MCS can no longer breathe the same air you do or bathe in the same water you do. We need your help to filter the air and water just to live. Many of us have lost our homes trying to escape the chemicals in them that are making us ill. We are the new homeless. The “Dragonfly” represents our pain both physical and emotional as we have become isolated and left alone by both friends and loved ones, separated and isolated from society. We must like the “Dragonfly” breakout of our skins and everything we once knew. The “Dragonfly” also symbolizes change, the change that needs to happen if we are to survive. For this, we need your help, we want to inspire change in you one home at a time so that the air and water that we all share can be safe for every one of us. Be inspired by the “Spirit of the Wings of Change” and help us change and save the world we all live in!


Aftermath of Hurricanes, Insurance, Corrupt Attorneys , FEMA Failure, State, City and County Failures:
This is how we got MCS. Our story is one of criminal negligence we continue to endure.
Mold kills. Maybe not every kind, maybe not everyone. However, mold can have serious or deadly consequences.
Moisture left behind in buildings after a storm can have serious consequences. It creates mold and natural occurring chemicals. Some molds are beneficial, however many are toxic. Mold produces spores, which release mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are the ones that make you ill. If you are a child, and elderly adult, a person with a low or compromised immune system you run the risk of severe damage or illness from mold and it's contamination in a Water Damaged Building.  No one person is immune.  How much depends on the individual and the types of mold, mycotoxins and contamination which includes bacteria. For us the exposure lead to severe  illness. Every individual is different and will be affected differently.  In our case he suffered heart damage and brain damage. In my case I developed several conditions for which there is no cure and are terminal. I will mainly focus on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which we both have. Why focus on MCS? Because there are a few places, which have suffered the same fate. In addition it is one of the best kept secrets they do not want you to know of.   

Join The Cause : 

 Environmental Illnesses are on the rise. People have been severely injured or even died from mold contamination or chemicals in their homes, schools, workplace and environment. We intend to bring awareness to this ever increasing threat. We intend to help all those who due to our toxic environment have been left ill, isolated, homeless. We intend to close the homeless gap that exists in this community and help save lives threw emergency housing for those whose lives and health are in imminent danger. First we need to grow and bring Awareness to this Cause.  Join add your picture, story, video, tell them how you became ill and how you are suffering. 


My Disease now has a name and an ICD Code for Treatment


Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome - Water Damaged Buildings  




Toxicology of Mycotoxins


Center for Research on Biotoxin Associated Illness

Dr Jack Thrasher


National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation


Dr Ritchie Shoemaker




Moms Against Mold

Dr  Allan Lieberman



Many others as well!!


Help Support Toxic Injury Awareness , MCS Awareness in May !!

Go to this link and Sign the Petition:

The "MCS" Beacon of Hope



The People of New York have had a horrible event unfold at the World Trade Center. Now they are dealing with the aftermath, as with all disasters there are consequences. These are theirs:


Hurricane Katrina

The people of Hurricane Katrina have also lived a life-altering event. While both of these disasters are completely different, they do have a common thread. A condition they have developed as a consequence of toxic exposure. The reality is toxic exposure has consequences that are being ignored. It is not new, it is just ignored. Here is a way for you to understand what has happened to their bodies and how you can help accommodate them, us, all of us.


The Katrina Cough





Toxic FEMA Trailers


There is a theory on the causation and the effects of toxic exposure and how it affects your body. Follow this link to this theory:

Dr Martin Pall


While the mechanism of exactly how you become like this may not yet be established the reality is more and more people are suffering from this condition. The truth is that everyday 3 new chemicals are introduced into our environment. The truth is no one is adding up the consequences of all these chemicals together in our water, our air, in our environment. The truth is no one person knows what we have done to ourselves or to the world, we live in. The truth is that unless we as citizens place ourselves, our lives; the lives of our children first we will have nowhere to call home. This is the real truth why we must go "BEYOND GREEN". While some of us already know the deadly consequences, The truth is you the most important person is being kept in the dark. Going GREEN is not just about conserving water, energy, recycling; it is about you and how you will survive our toxic times. The disease of the 21 Century; allergic to the 21 Century; only it is not an allergy.

Why all the denial about this condition called MCS, my theory is simple. Would the big chemical companies profit? No. Would the big pharmaceutical companies profit? No. Would the cosmetic industry profit? No. The truth is they would all have record losses. Let us not forget the responsibility placed on the Insurance Industry. How many claims may be filed if people knew something in their homes, office, hospitals, water or air was making them sick? What would be the number in claims processed if you actually knew the truth? What about your food? It is being genetically altered, full of preservatives, artificial colorants and many other toxins and chemicals.

The saddest part is we are not alone. There is a growing number of immune disorders on the rise. Here is a story from some Else's point of view who does not have MCS, however is suffering as well from yet another immune disorder. Why the growing and alarming number of immune disorders? More than one can agree on a similarity the air we breathe, the chemicals we absorb, the toxins in our everyday lives.

Diseases Like Mine Are a Growing Hazard